Understanding Couples Massage Etiquette

Getting massages together with your significant other can help to strengthen the bond you both have and bring you closer together. It can be a relaxing way to connect and melt tension accumulated from the stresses of living. If you are considering trying a couple’s massage session, there are some things you must know before you make your appointment.

Before you make your appointment, both you and your spouse need to figure out what you both want done. Maybe it is your spouse’s first time and he or she is a little apprehensive. Explaining what goes on at a spa or massage parlor may help to alleviate worries. Be on time as well, it helps to be punctual so you won’t be wound up from rushing to arrive to the location. Be respectful of each other’s needs and compromise when necessary where comfort levels are included.

It is important to not argue while at the spa. Whatever disagreement you and your spouse have, you need to hold off on discussion, and leave matters where they belong: at home. Who knows, after your massage is finished you and your spouse might not even have the desire to fuss any longer. It can also be tempting to want to get more “intimate” during the session, but this is not recommended. It can cause embarrassment to you and your partner, not to mention your therapists and the business.

Another thing to remember is to decide how much you are willing to tip for the session. Take a few minutes to decided what’s fair for both of you and the masseuse. Some locations have a no tipping policy so check beforehand. Of all things, remember to relax and have fun. Use this time to catch up with your husband or wife and strengthen your relationship.


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